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busy city!

i just finished up this cute quilt top as a present and sent it off to be quilted. the pattern is called busy city and can be found here.

the pattern came together so easily and the instructions were really clear. i highly reccomend this pattern!


now it's off to the quilters to be long-armed! i can't wait to get it back! 


bad blogger....


i have been so terrible in keeping up with this blog, but i did blog at my employer's website this week! please feel free to check out the posts at the swatch and stitch quilting blog and fashion blog!

i promise (really, this time) to at least post pictures of works in progress soon! so much stuff is going on that i'd love to share (or at least keep a record of for myself!)



let's go fly a kite

hi, folks! long time no see!

i'm really excited to be sharing this fun project with you guys. my pal Janice of Better Off Thread wrote a really cute pattern for Robert Kaufman Fabrics (aka, my new employer!) and a few of us are part of a quilt along using the pattern.

it's called "Kite Flight" and can be found here: kite flight quilt

isn't it the cutest? i am making mine in the new Summer 2013 Kona colors. they are so dreamy!

my little helper and i will be posting updates for the next few weeks!


last night...

we had the most amazing quilt guild meeting! we were lucky enough to have anna maria horner come and visit!

she is so cute and fun! what i really love about her is that she's an all-around crafty lady, not just a quilter. she's releasing an embroidery book this year, has worked in fashion design and is a trained fine artist. she's taken the skills she's learned since she was very young and made a nice little niche in the world for herself, which is all any of us hope we can do.

i'm still really overwhelmed by the night and it's given me a lot to think about. so i'll let the pictures do the speaking for me from here on! enjoy!


busy bee

i have been sewing non-stop the last couple of days! i started working on a commission for a cute little girl. it's been fun skyping with her mom, but it's so weird to work with a long-distance client! it's been a learning experience. lots of emails and pictures back and forth.

i feel like we're on the same page and it's so fun to work with someone who's so excited about the process!

i have also been working on my farmer's wife quilts with fervor! my friends and i had decided to shoot for 4 blocks a month, but i'm already done with six! who knew i would love making 1-inch half square triangles so much?

if this week is any indication of how the rest of the year will pan out, i can't wait to see what's in store!