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first quilt of 2011!

one of the reasons why my blog is called "eleven quilts" and not "twelve quilts" is because i started working on this quilt last year and will finish it this month. it was made for two of my boyfriend's good friends who got married in october. they had a crazy and beautiful "alice in wonderland" themed wedding. the quilt block centers are heather ross's alice in wonderland munki munki pajamas. when i first started quilting i used only vintage fabrics and i would have never guessed that i would be buying pajamas online to cut up into blocks! the rest of the blocks are made of bliss, and will be bound and backed with more bliss. i can't wait to get this one finished and give it to them!


2011 is finally here! last year was pretty amazing and had some really remarkable milestones. but i am so ready for the new year. i have always loved the idea of a fresh start, but as i'm getting older i'm also learning to love how each year builds on the one before and helps me grow into a more well-rounded person.

above is the last quilt i made in 2010. i gave it away to my friends on new year's eve! they got married in october, and the quilt is inspired by their wedding invites. i am sure it's found a good home and although i miss it, i know i can visit it whenever i want.

here's to a new year, new quilts, new skills and new friends! i am ready for you, 2011!

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