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quilting bee blocks...

...from my month of the stitch six bee are slowly showing up online. i can't wait to get them and make this quilt! so excited!

Stitch 6 March Block

wonky stars for Nichole

Stich Six Bee

i love being a crafter

so, i cant knit. i can crochet, but man do i ever suck at knitting. but i saw and fell in love with this beautiful cowl on purl soho's blog:

big herringbone cowl

so, i mentioned on facebook that i would make a quilt for one of my knitter friends if they'd make the cowl for me and got three replies from my favorite knitters! i'm so excited to make stuff for them and have a great cowl collection!

so far i've done the mock-ups for two of the quilts according to their chosen color palates. these ladies are so great and i really want to make them something that's very "them". i hope they end up liking the quilts!

meredith chose red and camel and i think this guy will fit into her house quite nicely. it will be an improv version of denyse schmidt's "hop, skip & jump" pattern.

and the next one is for my dear friend chimi, who just recently finished her first quilt. she asked for blues, greys, oranges and light browns. the blocks for this one will be much smaller than the mock-up. this is probably the block size of 1/4th of the quilt. it should be fun!

i just feel so lucky that i know so many sweet people and that we get to share our talents with each other!

lamqg meeting - march

oh, los angeles modern quilt guild! you are the best! our solids challenges were due last night and everyone who participated made the most AMAZING things. it's hard to believe they all came from the same little charm pack. here are some of my favorites!

kelli made this appliquéd butterfly quilt that was just precious!

liz made these adorable raindrops and brought her darling little girl to her first meeting!

andrew really blew everyone away with this pixely beauty.

speaking of pixels, wendy's quilt reminds me of a tetris game.

and, of course, it had a label!

this dog loves quilts

i was working on the binding for this quilt while i was watching tv in bed. i went up to check on something in the kitchen and came back to find this. he didn't really care that it wasn't done yet. he puts most of the quilts i make to good use the minute he gets anywhere near them. i think he thinks i make them all just for him!

a finished project

well, i've been a little MIA for a while, but only because i took off some time from work to sew up a storm. i try to be on the computer as little as possible when i'm not at work because i sit in front of it all day!

it was a really nice break and i got a lot done. mostly, it was nice to get my swap projects finshed and mailed out. my mug rug finally got set and i also finished my placemats for the spicing up the kitchen swap! i really hope my partner likes them because they were a lot of work and were tough to give away!

my partner had a very simple and modern aesthetic and i hope her taste came across in these! i also threw in some extra goodies (including something i didn't include in the photo so it wouldn't give away who the swap was for!) the package has a long way to go, so hopefully i don't have to wait too too long before i find out if she liked it!
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