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a quilt challenge

monday was the first la modern quilt guild meeting of the year! at the meeting, we were all given a pack of charm square solids donated to us by the lovely folks at robert kaufman! we were also given the challenge to make a quilt using only these squares, plus one more fabric.

i have so many ideas of what i want to do going through my head... now to just pin it down to one! i'm feeling very inspired by my friend mary's monochromatic sampler that she's working on. it's really going to be great!

speaking of monochromatic quilts, i think i might be making one soon! the modern quilt guild just posted their second project modern challenge and i'm totally ready to take it on. i am really into solids right now and the idea of making a solids quilt all in similar hues is really appealing. i'd love to make one using shot cottons. i think the added texture would be a nice touch!