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some more hexies...

i used some really old fabric from my stash in these. i bought a huge bag of 3 inch fabric squares in 2001 and then they ended up in a box and i pretty much forgot about them. then they ended up in another box that i store my scraps in. i don't have a lot of just red and white fabric (what i needed for this block) so i thought i'd dig through my scraps and came across these fabrics! all but the two bliss fabrics are from the early 60's and are really great.

that deer fabric is one of my all-time favorite vintage finds. i actually took most of it out of that bag when i first purchased it and used it up. it's flocked and soft and really sweet. i wish i had yardage of it! it's so perfect.

it also helps me remember that i should stay true to the distinct taste that i feel like i have. sometimes when making things for other people i get too wrapped up in throwing together popular fabrics and i need to just let that go and make stuff that is really "me" because i always end up liking it so much more!

hello, hexies!

right now i am in the middle of so many projects! i belong to the [3x6] sampler quilt bee on flickr, and we just recently got our beehive information. this bee works a little differently than others i've belonged to. instead of sending out fabric and a block pattern, we pick a color group and our fellow bee-members make a block with their own stash. they pick the block pattern and then make a block for each color group we've picked. i can't wait to see what fun stuff they come up with!

for my block, i decided to do a hexie flower. i have one (sort of) put together and lots more hexies made.

my first finished flower is for someone who wanted green, grey and white. the ground for the block will most likely be a kona medium grey

some of the color groups come together really easily. this orange, red and white one was a breeze!

others make me realize what colors are really lacking in my stash. these two purples are the only ones i have! and they just won't do. i have to set this block aside until i go off my buying hiatus. the color group (yellow, grey and purple) is fun and i want to do it justice!