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here is one of the first of many collaborative projects that i have been working on as of late. this one is for my friend lindsey's birthday. she had mentioned to me in passing that she would really like throw pillows for her new couch. i agonized and quizzed everyone i knew about whether to surprise her with pillows that i made, or to let her know on her birthday that i would be making her pillows. i opted for the later, and i'm so glad i did.

i really wanted to make sure that she ended up with something she would really love, and use! she came over after work one day and we went through all my fabric. i think my stash was pretty overwhelming to her. sometimes too many choices are not very helpful! we narrowed it down to the fabrics and colors that she liked and she left the rest pretty much up to me.

i had her look through some books to get an idea for what sort of pattern she'd like. she really liked the planetarium quilt in elizabeth hartman's a practical guide to patchwork, so i went with that one for the first pillow. then i tried to make another one that was less busy, but still complimentary.

when i first made the hourglass blocks (a day after she picked the fabirc!) i was not too happy with how they turned out. then this week the guilt of not getting it to her set in and i pushed ahead with the rest of the project. i think in the end it really came together nicely and i hope she likes them!

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