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a secret swap mug rug!

i have been a member of the photo-sharing site flickr since september of 2004. i used it for a very long time to post pictures to share with my friends and family but didn't really use it for social networking much. but in the last year, i've become very active in the flickr crafting and swapping groups and have found so much inspiration from so many super-talented people!

it's really helped me grow as a sewer. all the positive energy and great feedback makes me excited to make things and share them with others. i have really loved the swaps and bees that i have joined and i feel like they've really pushed me to make things that hopefully other people will love.

this weekend i finished up my project for the scrappy mug rug swap. both my boyfriend and i have been a little under the weather, so this hexie mug rug was a perfect "curl up in bed and sew while we're watching law and order episodes" project.

my partner said she loved things that were "whimsical" and i hope this is what she had in mind!

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